Disable Ldap Groups 3.6.0


I have recently run through the new openfire setup but i am unable to disable the LDAP groups.

User’s authenticate via LDAP, but we run mannualy created groups, on the old version we edited the openfire.xml and removed the ldap groups settings ?

But they do not appear to be in this new version

Please can anyone help ???

in the openfire.xml remark out this line:


Yeah! That`s what i was looking for

In 3.6.0 you need to login to Administration Panel via WWW and there you need to delete this value


That’s great thanks everyone.

My group provider did not migrate to the database. It is still in the openfire.xml. Did yours migrate?

mine did and its working… if we both mean the same thing…

its property is called “provider.group.className” with Value “org.jive.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider” in table “ofProperty”

Mine did not migrate yet because nobody in a shared group has logged in yet, or something like that. I have not migrated my production server yet just my testbed with verrrry limited accounts.