Disable Logging and stop Server [QNAP]


i installed Openfire with the .tar.gz packacke on my QNAP NAS and hope you can help me.

To make use of the HDD Standby I want to disable all the logging functions. How can i do that? I have set the MaxFileSize in the log4j.xml to 0KB but it seems that that isnt working as i thought, now files as info.log1 are created. And is there anything else i should deactivate to prevent data written to the HDDs? I also set the Database to readonly which helped alot but maybe theres more.

The other thing is, how can i stop the server? I can start openfire with the usual command /path/openfire start but if I want to stop it, its always says The Daemon is not running and openfire keeps running.

Please help, thanks :slight_smile:

hi, have you find solution to your issue?