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Disable non-SSl Port of the Server


How can I close the default Port:5222, NORMAL?

I only want to have the Port 5223 open…


Most modern Jabber clients will use TLS for security, so blocking port 5222 would prevent their use. TLS is as secure as SSL (its the same protocol, just at a different level). In the Wildfire Admin Console, in “Security Settings” you can change the client and server connection security to require secure connections which will be on port 5222 with TLS or 5223 with SSL (5222 without TLS will be rejected).

To prevent it from listening on 5222 entirely, just go into the system properties and set “xmpp.socket.plain.port” to -1.

Hi slushpupie,

Well I set the Client Connection Security and the Server Connection Security as “required” - thats for sure. And now both ports 5222 and 5223 are switched to be ssl/tls secured?


Hi 02,

yes. Port 5222 should only offer only TLS negotiation while port 5223 should offer old SSL.