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Disable search


currently it is I who manage the users and the rosters they are, and what others rosters they can see.

I want to avoid the users using search in their jabber clients to be abble to find some other user in some roster they don´t have acess…Is it possible ?


delete Search plugin

I don´t have search plugin.

Just want to be sure that the search doesn´t work in wildfire without that plugin.

Can you confirm this ?


As far as i understand clients cant do search without a search service provided by server. With Wildfire i know only one way to do search, with Search plugin. So i think, Yes, without that plugin you cant do searches. Can confirm it with Exodus, Spark, and i think with other clients too.

BTW, Devs, is it possible to add some option in Admin Console to temporary disable selected plugin? Stop / Start? There is only a Restart button here. It’'s not convinient for testing when you have to delete and copy plugin again

Hey All,

You can disable the seach plugin (without needing to delete it) by logging into the Admin Console, navigating to Server -> Server Settings -> Seach Properties and selecting the disable option.



Ah, have forgotten about this. Also Content Filrter has option to disable it. But not every plugin has. Though maybe not every needs that. But wouldnt this be convinient to have Stop / Start (Enable / Disable) button in Plugins page, in one place?