Disable Translations

Our company only needs english at the time and has no need for the tranlation function.

However, some of our users think it is funny to send messages to other users in other languages. It is frustrating to some of the users who dont think this is as funny.

Is there a way to disable this completely?

Preferably on the OpenFire server, but if not can it be done on a client by client basis?


You can uninstall Translator plugin via Spark > Plugins. If you want to disable it globally, then you can read this guide http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2163 and disable this plugin in the default.properties file and then distribute modified spark.jar into clients machines. You will have to modify it and redistribute again when Spark version changes.

Can I simply delete the translator plugin file on each machine, or will this cause an problem when the user signs in and spark tries to load the plugin?
I only have a couple dozen machines, but they are on a domain and multiple users login to each one.
I tried disabling it, and then signing on to the domain as another user, but it has to be disabled again, so apparently this setting is saved in the users profile on the machine.
However, I could upload and remotely execute a batch file via psexec which would delete C:\Program Files\Spark\plugins\translator.rar IF that wouldnt cause any problems. (have to wait until all users are signed off) Or just manually delete each one remotely via the administrative share.

I looked into creating a branded client a while back, and decided it was a little too involved (having to recompile the source and create my own distribution file)…

You can delete it and this shouldn’t cause problems (of course when all clients are shut down). You should delete it in the Program files, and then delete it in the profiles of the clients who already has this plugin

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Spark



You will have to do this every time you upgrade Spark. If you disable plugin via Plugins menu, then it won’t be enabled after Spark upgrade.