Disable User Search in Spark

Hello everyone,

in our company I use LDAP integration with shared usergroups and would like to disable the search function in Spark 2.5.8. In Openfire I’ve disabled the search function but this has no effect to Spark.

Can you explain what I should do to disable the serach function in Spark?

I just remove the search plug-in, which seems to have always worked for me.

Hope it helps you ; )

could you explain where you has removed the search function, please?

You need to remove the search plugin from Openfire, this plugin comes standard with Openfire.

I’ve disabled & removed the search plugin in openfire, but the search function in spark is still available as you can see on the picture.

Hi Norman,

Unfortunately, disabling and/or deleting the plugin will not make the search box on Spark go away. Spark displays the search field even if a search service isn’t available.



Hi Ryan,

is there any possibility to disable the search field in Spark without using Smack? If not, is it possible to add this feature into Openfire or Client managment plugin?

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I am still running our OpenFire server in a testing phase before we roll it out to everyone.

What I have done for that is to install the Packet Filter plugin.

Then go to Server > Server Settings > Packet Filter Rules

I created this rule:

Action: Drop

Packet Type: Any

From: Group

Source Group: [Our All Users] (Or you could use “Domain Users”)

To: Component

Component: User Search

When I type an ID into the search box in Spark and press Enter, I get a window that says:

Person Search

This service is unavailabe

Search Service: search.computername.domain.tld

It seems to work, but again, I am still in a testing phase with only 3 users.

Hi Norman,

Unfortunately there is no way to remove the search field from Spark with out actually going in and editing the code. Spark probably shouldn’t show the search field unless a search service is available but that would be a decision the Spark development team would have to make.



Hi Jon,

Simply disabling the search plugin through its control panel (or deleting the plugin completely) will accomplish the same thing. The packet filter plugin is a great tool but it’s probably a little heavy handed in this case.



What if the user wants to add a search service from another server though? the search field should stay even if the search service is disabled.

Hey winsrev,

It seems to me that there should be a way to add a search service without having to do a search first.