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Disabled Jivers?

Apologies if I’m not supposed to ask. I could understand why some users are disabled, but why Jivers too? I could pick up a couple of names like Greg Unrein & Bill Lynch. I know Greg because my staff used to deal with him, and isn’t Bill the co-founder?

Most likely it’s a bug in ClearSpace. =/ (similar to what occured with 1.7, except 1.7 was a tad more wide spread) I’ll leave it to Dawn to speak more on that, but I just wanted to assure you not to worry. =) Bill and Greg are still here. hehehehe

I don’t like Bill and Greg anymore, so I decided to exact my revenge Kidding (please don’t fire me, Bill)

OK, it was a bug. Benjamin (web guy extraordinaire) has patched it and re-enabled the users.

/me bows

Argh, missed that chance!! I thought of applying to replace Bill and become Dawn’s boss… hehehehehehehehe kidding

A geeky girl did summon me

Bill wasn’t here for a log time

I feel so lonely :_|