Disabling auto-deployment of plugins

Hi! I am running Openfire 3.5.1 and would like to be able to disable the automatic deployment of plugins. Is there a system property I can set that will allow me to do so? Secondly, is there document that lists all of the configurable system properties?



Hi Pat,

Openfire Properties contains a lot of the properties.

Why do you want to install plugins which are not deployed? You can download them manually here if you want to store them somewhere. If you want to use them then the admin console is fine as it deploys also the plugin.



Hi! Thanks for pointing me to the Openfire v3.4.4 properties page.

To answer your question, the system I’m deploying Openfire on is going to go through a strict security review, and the accreditors typically frown upon software that has auto deployment enabled.



Could you not simply make the plugins directory read-only to the daemon?