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Disabling private content in igniterealtime.org

I’d like to disable private content here as it is used quite often to post spam.

  • There are new users who use this option by accident.
  • But there are a few users who did use it in the past, so they will miss it.

If anyone has good reasons to keep the private content option please post it here.


I agree to disable it. Personally i see it 90% by accident and 10% from one egoistic user who thinks everyone should help him right now and he posts his discussions as private for a few key members here…

LG is right. We should close this feature.

So, maybe we can disable it and check if someone is really needing it (requesting at forums, chat)? Spam interceptor is not working in private space, yet anything posted in private space still goes to the main stream.

Do you want help disabling private content? I can provide the settings, and/or implement them.