Disaster ! [User Import]


I am in bad situation and would appreciate any help.

I used tool to keep a backup of all my users.

Today the server died , so I did a reinstall elsewhere and imported the users but found all of them in one group

I though the backup would keep group membership info but anyway, I did create the groups manually again, and started adding the imported users one by one to test.

But nothing happened still all users are in the same default container while inside the admin console groups are shown to have those users.

I don’'t know what to do now.

If there is something i am missing please let me know…

If nothing can be done…

Then, is there a way to get both user names and passwords in clear text from the exported file i have so i would at least add each user again manually [that would take 2 days at least without resetting their passwords.

Thanks a lot


do you have any other backup of the database? If you are using the embedded database the four files in the embedded-db/ folder should be everything you need to restore the database.

(I did never use the exp./imp. plugin.)


Lesson learned the hard way

So to fully backup wildfire all I need is the emb db folder… ok, thanks a lot for the help.

I’'ll be re entering all users manually again grrrrrrrr


you may want to backup:

  • conf/wildfire.xml

  • embedded-db directory (will exist if you’'re using the embedded databased)*1

  • resources/security directory (if you’'ve customized the certificates that Wildfire uses)

  • enterprise directory (if you’'ve installed and use Wildfire Enterprise)

*1: The files can be backed up while the engine is running but care should be taken that a CHECKPOINT or SHUTDOWN operation does not take place during the backup. This may happen one time in a month if you are very lucky, you’'ll likely never hit a CHECKPOINT or SHUTDOWN.