Disclaimer Plugin for v3.7.1

We are running OpenFire 3.7.1 and have in the past used the “MotD (Message of the Day)” pluggin to deliver a legal disclaimer stating that all communications are logged/monitored, however, it has proven to be a bit too annoying since it pops up every time you log in. I am hoping there is another plugin that runs on 3.7.1 that can be configured to only send this message to staff once a day or even once a week. I see there are others requesting this as well on the forum and one person even made one for v3.4.1 ( http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/30304 ) but it’s from back in 2007 so I haven’t even tried it out on our openfire server since its doubtful that it will work…

Does anyone have any idea how we can accomplish a once a day or once a week disclaimer being sent to staff upon logon?

Another option that would work even better would be for the server to send this disclaimer to the user initiating a new converstation with someome (and only at the beginning of that new conversation). The server would send the message inside that conversation window, similar to how the profanity content filter does it… I wonder if anyone has ever written anything like this? I think I saw a request somewhere once for someone who used openfire for help-desk type software… but I don’t think it was ever implemented.

Thanks in advance.

I too would love this feature.

I run an Openfire server 3.7.1 and have a slury of XMPP clients connecting from pretty much anywhere.

Many of my clients run XMPP apps on their phones (such as Xabber on Android)… problem with current MotD is that every time their phone locks screen… they may drop internet connection resulting in OpenFire dropping their connection due to failed XMPP response ping timeout.

Well, if they check their phone again… then the MotD pops up… sometimes this can get very very annoying to the user when they check their phone and the MotD pops up and the phone buzzes. I’ve experiencd this firsthand and have since disabled MotD because of this.

I would love to be able to push a MotD to a user (JID or Resouce Name) ONCE per Day … say the first time they connect for the day.

Dont think it would be that difficult to make this mod… although I lack the skills myself.

The option should be given to administrators to record MotD pushes on a per JID, or per Resource name basis. for me. per resource name woudl be ideal since my users can login on multiple devices, so i want to push MotD to each of their devices only once per day (same person would receive MotD multiple times, but only once per device) … per JID would mean per user basically since the username is really a “nickname” of the JID to my understanding (username is JID without the @servername). so if using per JID then it would be pushing the MotD once per day, per person.

My thoughts are using the embedded sql database (or external if you wish)…

openfire already records last user login (JID or Resource Name)… so this mod could make use of this info… and say on next login push MotD to user.

Then after pushing MotD is writes log in database saying user (JID or Resource Name) received MotD on timestamp (022120122258 for 2/21/2012 22:58 for example)

then… ever time user (JID or Resource Name) connects, plugin checks the database for that user (JID or Resource Name) and sees if there is an entry that has a timestamp of within the past 24 hours… if so, then skip pushing of MotD until this condition is true (has been longer than 24 hours since last MotD push at JID or Resource Name login).

maybe someone with some better programming skills could use this in some way… hope it helps… would really love to be able to have something like this for openfire… it would solve a lot of headaches and logistics problems!