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Disconnection not noticed


for a while i had been using smack for my bot which logs into GTalk network. it was all going good. if disconnected it was re-connecting again as expected until today

today first time it disconnected but didnt even notice it is disconnected. there is no exception in console. from GMail page bot seems disconnected. i checked with tcpdump and it shows no connection with gmail too (my browser page and bot are on different machines) furthermore bot sends presence messages every 10 minutes (as a kind of hearbeat and testing connection is ok), and it thinks messages are really sent

after 40 minutes i got a couple of SSLExceptions, Socket timeout and Socket closed exceptions and so on. bot is still not connected and it still thinks it successfully send presence messages

any ideas why this may happen and how to prevent it hapenning again ?

note: i haven’t started the jvm with debug option and with nohup so i cant see what’s happening inside the jvm

thanks in advance,

r a f t