Disconnexion with Openfire & gajim


We’ve just set up a server (etud.insa-toulouse.fr) for the students but we have some troubles :

Regularly, the gajim’s users are disconnected (but not all ! just 20% in average) for no reason.In my XML console, I’ve just : “</stream:stream>” and nothing strange before.

I don’t remember any bug like this before my recent upgrade (3.4.2). And don’t know if it’s linked or not.

We’ve started announcing the availability of this server 3 days ago so it’s a real problem… (potentially 2000 people concerned)

Thank you, for your work and your help.

Maxime C.

Are these immediate disconnections, or “after having been connected a bit”? It’s possible gajim isn’t sending keepalive pings often enough to keep the connection open. Try going under system properties and setting:


to something high. It’s in milliseconds, and by default it’s set to 360000, or 6 minutes.

These disconnections appear after a moment, I can be connected without any disconnection during hours too. It’s strange.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll try to up this value.

Edit : I’ve change the value to -1 to disable this feature and the problem persist. And seams to affect Psi and Pidgin users…

Same problem here using Gajim 0.12.1 and Openfire 3.6.4. Gajim keeps disconnecting every 10-20 minutes. Same thing happend with piding.

Perhaps you should have a look to this bug report on gajim : http://trac.gajim.org/ticket/5767

By the way, your registration process on this forum is painful, just to be able to put one message in this thread…