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Discrepancy between Group Chat "users" and "nick names" in Openfire

I have an instance of Openfire 4.1.5. It is often called to my attention that a user is no longer able to enter a group chat room, with a message that they are already in the room, or that they are simply unable to connect to the room. I have so far only seen this happen when the users are using any version of the Spark client. I think it is also exclusive to the Windows Spark client.

Sometimes I am able to find their nickname in the group chat settings from the Openfire admin console, and simply kick them from the room. However, it is most often the case that this does not solve the problem for them. When this is happening, I also see a discrepancy between the count of occupants in the room, and the nick names that are showing. There always seem to be more in the occupant count than nick names. This, and the behavior leads me to believe that there are accounts stuck in the room even though they don’t show.

The only way I’ve found to “fix” this issue is to delete the room and recreate it. I’ve searched for other posts similar to this, but have never found a fix, or anyone else who seems to describe the same problem. Does anyone know what I might do to resolve this?