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Discussion Ownership

Why don’t any of the discussions I have open from before the change to this new forum show as open? When I choose Open Questions I get the message: You have not created any discussions.

Ok it is not just old ones but all my new ones aren’t listed either. I forgot I created several since the rollover to the new system.

None of the posts are showing in my watched items either. I also can not seem to mark any of my posts as resolved. There is definitely something amiss.

We’ll need to look at this in more detail; however, this might be related to an issue that we noticed late this afternoon having to do with user search indexing. Our support team needs to create a patch for the user indexing issue, and we expect to have it ready to deploy Monday evening (pacific time). We’ll look at this again on Tuesday to see if the patch fixes the issues with finding your previous discussions.

Thanks I will check it again next week.

I talked to our support group about this, and they weren’t sure whether or not this is tied to the user indexing issues. Can you attach a couple of screen shots to this discussion? Support wanted to make sure that they are seeing exactly what you are seeing.


Ok I realized today that there is now a check box I have to tick to make a discussion a question. But this does not expain why my old posts came over as discussions. instead of questions. Some were even maked a resolved in the old system. Is there a way to revert them to questions? Pretty much all my posts should have been questions, not plain discussions.

Can my posts be converted to questions?

Same here, all my old questions (resolved and not) are now plain discussions. In my other thread i was asking maybe for a temporary solution (enabling option to turn discussions into questions for some users).

On the turning into discussions back into questions issue:

I’ve done some research, and this isn’t an easy issue to resolve. It would involve migrating additional data and some complicated / time consuming programming to make this happen. Even with admin rights, I can’t change discussions back into questions. The ability to turn old documents into questions (after the first few minutes) does not seem to be configurable. So, the short answer is that we are going to have to live with our old questions showing up as discussions.

The good news is that we patched an issue with user search indexing last night. The entire site is performing better as a result (the indexing was constantly failing and chewing through resources at an incredible rate), and you’ll be able to more easily search users.

This sounds like an excuse, but with the HUGE amount of data migrated, we seem to have done pretty well. We have also taken this feedback and are using it to improve our migration scripts to make this process less painful for other people migrating from forums to Clearspace.

Might I suggest that there is an addition option in the Actions box to ask a question. This would default the next screen to question mode with the check box already ticked. The box is too easy to forget/miss. I have done it many times now.

It is possible for me (as admin) to set mark as question as the default for ALL new discussions; however, this generally means that people end up creating questions that aren’t really questions (just the opposite of your problem). I also think that there is a slight performance hit for choosing this option in a community with this much traffic (I need to confirm this because I could be mistaken). Anyway, this is an option we can look at if people are interested.

I like the idea of having a separate action in the box for ask a question vs. a discussion. I’ve forwarded this idea on to our Clearspace product manager.