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Display by Username, not Name

How can I display my roster by Username and not by Name?

Strange request. So you may enter username in the Name field

What client are you using. Maybe this is possible to achieve by writing your custom client (using Smack API).

Hi Jason,

currently there is no way to do this as a default. May I assume that you don’'t like to use the userid (JID=userid@domain/res) because it is usually very long, just the last name or a number? And you are using LDAP, so the VCard information is readonly?

If you want to do Spark the VCard-Lookup and disable the user to change the displayed name in a roster then this is a very rare use case. Maybe the commercial support http://www.jivesoftware.com/products/im/im-support.jsp is able to create such a client.


this is not an LDAP configuration.

Some of my registered users show up in my roster as the first part of their JID, others show up as their “Name”

I want everyone to show up in the roster as their Username in the JID

So what is your client?

all the clients are Spark 1.1.1

have you tried changing this field in your LDAP setting to sAMAccountName?

i guess it would not matter much if your users can set a nickname and override that anyway.