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Display issue + Avatars

A display issue I noticed right away - buddies who have a long away message set cause the client to display it all, making a huge horizontally scrollable area and pushing the minimize/maximize icons off screen. I would think an enhancement would be to only display what you can without giving a horizontal scrollbar. If a user hovers the mouse over, display a tooltip with the message.

Also, it looks like Java is the back end language. I assume you’‘re using the Smack libraries for talking to the Jabber server. I wrote some plug-ins for Smack to handle IQ-based Avatars and VCard avatars, would you like them? The basically store a String containing a Base-64 encoded file along with the mimetype (which isn’'t guaranteed to be correct). With a bit of modification (setting max filesize, ensuring JEP compliance) perhaps they could be included in future Smack distributions?

Oh, thanks kzantow. I thought I was cutting the status message with a … That will definitely be fixed in the next release. As for the VCard implementation, we do have one in the latest distribution of smack, but I would be very interested in checking out your code .

Fixed issue SPARK-6


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Last I looked, the VCard implementation didn’‘t support avatars. I was referring to solely the avatar portion of the VCard. I haven’'t looked at the code in a while, so it may not be especially compliant to the specs…

I’‘m not actually sure if the VCard part actually worked, now that I think about it. It theoretically should have, but the only client I found to use it was a Mac client which definitely wasn’'t doing things to spec.

The IQ-based avatars definitely did work, however. I’‘ll try to get some code to you shortly, probably in the Smack forum. I’'ll try to reference it here.

Fantastic. I look forward to checking it out.