Display Name and not Name user in client spark?

Hi all !

Where can configure to alter parameters so that in the customer (Spark) appears the user’s name and not the login.

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Do you use LDAP?


I don’t use ldap, I create manually.

In some cases use the “plugin userservice” for I acquired some users of an external database (oracle).

Thanks help.

If the users are manually adding themselves to the server they need to fill in the Name field. If they are manually adding names to there roster they need to make sure the nickname field displays the Full Name or nothing at all. A shared group generally shows the Names correctly by default.


The subject is that I cannot share for group, and they are 4000 users … they will begin to use of here some days.

The login is defined for the registers managel.

Example: LOGIN: t000040 Name: Paul of Silva

And like you already understood the ideal it went that appeared “Paul of Silva” in the customer (Spark) and not “t000040”.

It will be that is possible without to use group and to share, therefore group not this in the plans.

I read about LDAP, but manually …

Thanks again.


This is a known issue with the add contact to roster process. The real name displayed in the roster of spark is actually the nickname from the vCard. In order for that name to be shown the users must have a completed nickname field prior to somebody adding them to their roster. Otherwise the users adding them must manually enter the nickname they wish when adding the user to the roster.