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Display Name on Chat Client

Hey all, thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

My question is quick and simple. Within our AD, our users are assigned a 5 digit number as their username. Their display name is their proper name, formatted as such, “Smith, John”.

My goal is to get it so that when friends are added, the name that shows up in the friends list as the display name, which people can remember instead of a user #.

Can this be done through a configuration required on Spark or Openfire? Can this be done at all?

Cheers and thank you.

If you have all your setting set correctly, then it will work. Set your system property ldap.nameField to displayName and use this for your ldap.vcard-mapping:

{sn}{givenName}{mail}{displayName}{disp layName}image/jpeg{jpegPhoto}</P HOTO>{homePostalAddress}{ postOfficeBox}{l}{st}{post alCode}{c}{homePhone}</NU MBER>{telephoneNumber}{mobile}{pager}</NU MBER>{facsimileTelephoneNumber}{title}{wWWHomePage}{company}{department}

you rock, man!!
I needed this help as well.

I simply changed the ldap.nameField to displayName and added {disp layName} into my ldap.vcard-mapping, and it worked.

So, the space in the term ‘disp layName’ doesn’t matter?..or is it actually meant to be that way? I put it in there just like that, and it’s fine, but could I remove the space, or is it somehow actually needed?

I know…stupid question, but ya never know.