Display name


Somehow our (some user) displayname changed from the AD name (real name) to the user logon name.

How can I set it back?

I checked it different Spark versions, but same.

Just in a groupchat room I forgot it sry

Group chat shows the name provided in the user’s profile Name or Nickname. So check profiles of those users and maybe set a Nickname.

Hi, I checked it on serverside, and I see the user nickname is same as the user login name. But I never changed it, and just 10-15 users.

How can I change the Nickname from username to Name?

If you are using AD integration, then i don’t know how it works exactly. But you can try setting the nickname in Spark (File > Edit my profile…).

Hi, I can not see this option in the Spark. version: 2.7.7

Then maybe it is hidden with Client Control plugin on the server. Or maybe it doesn’t show it when AD integration is in use. As i haven’t used AD integration i don’t know about this.

Weird a bit, because its working good with sombeody, and another one its not. Restart end of the day


See? some user has Display name some logon name… but I dont know why…

Well, i can’t tell anything more. You didn’t answer whether you are using AD integration or not. “Edit my profile…” menu should be showing, unless you have it blocked with Client Control plugin or maybe that’s a side effect of AD integration. Users can also set their nickname by right clicking themselves in the chat and selecting “Change nickname”.

Hi, I made it. I reconfigured the settings. In the /opt/openfire/conf/openfire.xml true set to false, server reboot

and after I can re-setup the server setting. I changed just one thing in the user mapping section. When the AD checks users data I saw the Name, NickName field, and I filled up the NickName filed with this: {cn}.

All settings was stored so nothing changed, rooms history okay, but now when I entered a group chat, all members name is good (DisplayName, cn name) not the nickname

I really like the Openfire (no kidding) thanks a lot!