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Display Online-Users in MUC on Website


I´m searching for a way to display the Users in my MUC-Rooms on the Website.

Searched for Bots to do this without success.

Thank you for your help

Take a look at the presence plugin. You could create something similar to the way Google AdWords works (ie. you cut’'n paste a url to some .js and it does the rest).

You’'ll have to be savy with DHTML and Javascript, plus the plugin code. AJAX could help bridge between your servlet and the calling html page. You could also provide dynamic updates every 500ms or so.


i think he wants to detach MUC “presence” from common presence. To show presences of users in MUC only.

You’‘re right…I wasn’'t clear. When I said “take a look at the presence plugin,” I meant look at the source code[/b] for an example of a plugin that emits presence over http. My trigger on the “Post Message” button was a little to happy.

So backing up a little. To get muc informatoin out of Messenger in any meaningful way for a client in one shot request (and not complicating the process with WSRP or server side fetch for technology xyz) then the AJAX model would make the most sense.

Hope this clears up the confusion.


Hi Noah,

well, you raised my confusion to the maximum

I´m NOT a Java-Coder I CAN do some modifivations but thats it. I usually work with Delphi (Client-Side) or PHP (Server-Side).

Background of my Question:

I run a community where I currently use a HTML / PHP - Chat. I want to switch to Jabber so that I can also provide 1:1 User-Chats. But for the Multiuser-Chat I need a Page which shows the Users, who is Online in which Room. My first approach was a Robot sitting in every Room, which updates a Table in MySQL from which i than can easily Query the Onlineusers.

Any suggestions ?

Best Regards



Check out http://www.javalobby.org. Is that group chat status portlet and type of client what you’‘re looking for? They use the Jive Group Chat application, which we’'ll be releasing soon.



Sorry about that. I forget that not everyone has the resource at hand to jump in and start development.

Basically you need a way to show the users in a chat room at any given time. You don’‘t need it to be interactive. I think Matt’‘s suggestion might be more than what you need and the presence plugin doesn’'t provide enough information.

The reason I brought up AJAX and all that was to direct you (if you had chosen to develop the plugin) to something that ultimately would have required the following on your webpage.


And the table would have been automatically generated.

Sorry for the onslaught of acronyms.


Finally found http://chatbot.jabberstudio.org/ to serve my needs.

Thank you for your help.