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Displaying full name instead of user name

Sorry if this sounds like a simplistic question but I cannot find a solution anywhere. I installed Openfire 3.4.4 on a Windows server, re-added all the users (we had a previous Wildfire installation on an old server) and reconnected the clients to the new server. Everything works great except that the users are shown as username@server (in the client software) instead of their full names (ex: John Smith) like it was with Wildfire. We used Pandion as a client so I downloaded the newest version of Spark but it still showed username@server. This led me to believe it was a setting on the Openfire server that controls which is displayed, but I cannot find anything in the web-admin.

Is there a server setting or is this a client software issue? Thanks.

Hi Ryan,

When you readded all of the users, did you do this manually via the admin console or from some backup of the user database?

When you look through the users on the admin console, do you see their “full name” shown there?

I don’t believe there is a setting in Openfire that controls this. How are these people ‘buddies’? Via shared rosters or ?


I think I know what caused this. When I was testing the new server I was doing a manual add contact through the client, in which you add contacts by the user name. That worked but it only showed the user name in the client. Then I discovered the group sharing on the Openfire server admin and that shows the full name in the client.

I didn’t do a database import, basically it was just a new installation with a printout from the old server and a manual add.

Sorry, I should have played around with it more before running off for help. Thanks.