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Displaying Nick name or First name in roster


i have installed openfire 3.6.4 on centos 5.3, and using spark 2.5.8 ( client ) on windows xp SP3.

i’am still new to openfire and spark, recently i have test to update my nickname and firstname in profile, but my friend roster sill display JID, not nickname or firstname. i have restart the openfire and the spark, but still no changes ( my friends roster still diplay jid ).

i have check table ofVcard on mysql, its show the updated value for my profile, both nickname and firstname.

i want roster displaying nickname if user had fill out the nickname field. what should i do?


He has added you manually to his roster? Then probably he has specified your JID for display name, and you can’t update that. Client is controlling this. You can make his client to show what you need if he is using your server and you will enable Shared groups. But you can only specify a Name in the User Edit form. No other fields for that. And again, if he then will try to rename you in his roster it will stay that way, even if you change your name in User Edit form after that.

He has added you manually to his roster?
No, automatically added using shared group

i have change “Name” in user edit form, and now it’s shown at roster, but it’s take long time for roster to update the name. can i force spark to update the roster?

thanks wr00t

It is not Spark, but Openfire updating the roster. It uses caches a lot, so updates take some time. You can try restarting Spark to see the updates, clear Openfire caches. And finally you can restart Openfire. Then all changes will be written to the database and on the next start you will see updated roster in Spark. There are some tweaks to make caches last less time, but you will have to find this in the forums and this can affect Openfire’s robustness. It depends on caches a lot, as caches are much quicker than reading from the database all the time.