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Dissappearing Contacts

We have employed the Spark Client with an internal OpenFire Server for our organization. For the first implementation, I only registered thirty users and put all of them into a group on the server, then enable group sharing to all users. When the User PC’s connected to the server, they could see each of the other contacts on their roster/contact list in the offline group. But when those contacts also signed on, the name disappeared from the offline group. I was expecting it to show up with presence in the appropriate group. However, The only way to add these user names to the correct group in the contact list was to have each user manually add each other user. Is there some way to ensure that group rosters that are made on the server appear in a contact list WITH those users under it? Or to automatically add users not just to another user’s roster, but to a specific group in the contact list?

I believe I have found an answer to this. It seems that certain settings on the Subscription plugin, along with certain settings on shared lists, in combination made this happen. Either changing the shared lists settings or getting rid of the Subscription plugin solves this problem.

A little testing gave me the answer…

How is your openfire server setup? Is it integrated with Active Directory/LDAP?