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We are about at the end of our testing (to much time spent troubleshooting the server side)…and I am looking for a solution to deploy SPARK with our server name and other settings plus SSO.

We are looking to purchase 500 clients…so it has to work before we buy…

Any hints/suggestions on how to deploy this? We are Windows XP clients, Windows 2003 servers



First you need to make a script to deploy the spark.properties file to each user on each machine. This script should be run via a login script in AD Group policy.

Next I would recommend building a custom MSI of the Spark installer to add the additional files you need to make SSO function correctly. This would need to include registry entries and the krb5.ini file. I would also recommend adding the spark.properties to the Default User profile on each machine so that as each new user logs in they get the settings. Once you have such a file you can use AD Group policy to deploy the new application.

If you have done this correctly your clients will now hav spark configured for SSO. I use EMCO MSI Package Builder.

My only concern about this is that I’ve never used AD to distribute software and I’m not sure this is the right app to learn with…

Are there any other solutions?