DNS and Service locations

Hi Folks,

I figured out that to get S2S work you need to configure your DNS to have _tcp.jabber and tcp.xmpp-server pointing at the correct ports on your wildfire server. I’'m trying to get search to work from other servers but they are going to port 5269 and the port is somethign different. Is there a list somewhere of all of the Service locations that Wildfire server can use? Or even better yet, is there documentation somewhere for getting cross server search working? The documentation here:http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/documentation.jsp is pretty basic.

Thanks for your time.

i can’‘t answer about the documentation, however for me to get s2s working, all i did was enable such in the admin console of Wildfire, then add the respective servers that had permission to talk to my wildfire server. Other than that, i didn’'t have to make any DNS changes or firewall changes.

You are probably looking for SRV. You write tcp.xmpp-server but I believe this is the wrong way around. The protocol, tcp, should be after. That is, xmpp-server.tcp.example.com. The older and non-standard_jabber._tcp.example.com record could also be used, but you’‘re not guaranteed that other software is using it. I’'d probably set up both.


if no SRV records exist Wildfire tries to use normal DNS records for s2s so I wonder why you see problems.

Press F8 within the Spark main window, this will open the Jabber Browser. There you can enter for example “jabber.org” and browse it.