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DNS settings for Openfire

I have two domains. Example.com and internal.local

Example.com has A records that point to an externally hosted website. It also has MX records that point to my internally hosted email server. I would like to use this domain as my xmpp.domain so that JIDs in openfire match our email addresses.

I set up srv records for example.com on the external DNS to point to our firewall which forwards the ports to my openfire server. Chat and S2S works with this setup but I think I have problems with voice calls and fastpath because they are trying to resolve example.com and are getting sent to our externally hosted website.

Do I need to set anything up on our internal dns to handle this? Or am I completely missing something. Is there anyway I can see where voice calls are being sent? Or maybe someone can provide some insight as to when and where xmpp.domain is used by the server or client.



the DNS SRV records are used only for the XMPP service, so likely only port 5222. I don’t know whether Fastpath supports now different domains out of the box or whether one does need to modify the code as described in Fastpath WebChat Src Updates: Separates Host & XMPP Domain Settings.


Thanks for the response LG. I’ll take a dive through the link you provided, it looks promising.

The updated plugin works. It lets you set both the xmpp.domain and the actual domain. Exactly what I needed. LG, do you know if voice calls are handled the same way? As in they are trying to resolve xmpp.domain?


voice calls are usually a client feature. I assume that you use Spark and that it does a normal DNS lookup to get the STUN server. I have no idea whether one can overwrite the STUN server, you likely want to ask this question in the Spark forum.