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DNS setup help needed

Sorry for the noob question …

I have a public IP assigned to a server from a firewall and switch. I beleive the networking is configured correctly.

I own a domain, I want to add chat. in from (domain would look like chat.organization.com)

This server will not be sync with AD its a standlone VM and I’ll be creating users on it.

I’m running Server 2012 R2 with DNS installed. I’ve added the public IP to chat.organazation.com at the registar.

What further configuration do I require to make openfire acdessable to the public ? I know some work will be needed in DNS manager.

Thank you!

the public DNS server (usually your domain registrar) needs to point to a publically accessible IP address for your openifre server. Typically this would point at a static public IP address at your office or whatever, and then you would have NAT setup to forward/translate those public requests to your openfire server. You will need to NAT the ports needed by Openfire such as 9090, 5222, etc. You can login to you openfire admin page and see which ports it would like to use, then based on your judgement, NAT/open those ports.

I have a static public IP assign to my domain in the registar.

The NATing is already setup as we’ll.

I need help seting it up on the OS (windows server 2012) level.

I have entered my domain when I installed openfire. I need to setup DNS on the OS.