DNS SRV Records - _tcp & _xmpp

I have skimmed the forums and all available docs including Googling for answers but can’t find any info.

I use Linode DNS manager for my domains, and they have standard protocol options (_tcp, _udp, _tls, etc) and one additional that is _xmpp – Is there any documentation that anyone else can point me to? I have standard srv records setup and working, but I’m curious what I can do with the _xmpp protocol, or maybe use it to simplify my records.

Thanks in advance!

Most clients will do a lookup for _xmpp-client._tcp.whatever.com, where whatever.com is the domain portion of your login name (e.g. user@whatever.com). This should answer with SRV records pointing to the port and hostname it can connect to. SRV records work much like MX records, so you can assign priorities and weights for “poor man’s” failover and redundency.

There is also a _xmpp-server._tcp.whatever.com lookup which is used for s2s.

If you google for “xmpp srv” it should get you the information you need.

David, I understand what you’ve stated. That’s not my question however…

In the Linode DNS manager section, I am able to select _xmpp as a protocol (instead of _tcp, _udp and _tls). So for instance, I could potentially have the SRV record like so:


I’ve attached some screenshots to help better explain my question…



Hopefully this helps paint a better picture of the question…

Thanks again!

Looks like a mistake to me - _xmpp isn’t part of the XMPP specification, so clients will not do anything with it.