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Do I have to restart for .xml every save?

I am using a Windows version for local testing of my openfire.xml and would like to save time on what I am trying to do. Am I required to restart Openfire for every change I make to the openfire.xml configuration file? I have been and am only looking for a faster process.

If you’re editing the .xml file by hand, then I’m pretty sure the answer is yes, but I rarely find that I need to edit the file manually. Most of the config changes I make are in the web admin interface, and from what I’ve seen, when you make changes in there, you don’t have to restart the service. There are a few exceptions. If you change the SSL settings, the HTTP module needs to be restarted, but there’s a link to do that in the webmin, and it doesn’t restart the whole service.

I messed around quite a abit in the last couple days with the config, and most of the changes were applied without a service restart. Sometimes, though, if I made too many changes, the service seemed to get hinkey. When that happened, I just restarted the service.

Yes I am editing the database it Authorizes the users to and from. When

I get the file right I will put it up on the server. Thank you for the