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Do i need all smack jars for Conference through Smack

I am able to chat and send 1-1 messages to the users.

Getting Presence of all the user who are Online.

BUT when I start Conference then

I get an exception which is

ClassCastException for MultiUserChat object

And when I copy the smack jars it goes

and i can successfully chat through conference…

Is it that for the MultiUserChat i need smack jars.

Then why not for 1-1 chat.

Plz do help asap.

Thanks in advance

You will need the smackx jar either on your class path or in your dev environment if you want to use the MUC classes



So i do need at least smackz.jar

Good forum indeed

The Smack.jar provides everything you need for standard Jabber Tasks, such as Messaging and Presence. The SmackX.jar provides what you need for extender Jabber functionality such as MUC.

So, if you want to provides MUC functionality within your app you’'ll need to include the SmackX.jar.