Do not show conversation history in chat window but have it accessible via "view conversation history"?

I am wondering if there is a way to not have conversation history save/show in chat windows but still be accessible via “view conversation history”?

I know you can click “clear” to clear the chat window and still be able to do view the conversation history by right clicking the contact in the roster.

However having to clear the window manually all the time is not a great solution.

I did download the archive plugin for openfire. will this archive conversations even if I disable chat history in spark?

I’m using spark 2.5.8 beta1 and openfire 3.4.1

PS- I also posted this in the openfire board at first accidentally then left it b/c of the archive plugin being on the openfire server.

just wanted to "bump’ this as it was right next to a accidental dup entry which i thought might be causing this to get overlooked. thanks

We just rolled out Spark to our company with 100+ people and this is a VERY common complaint.

So bump

i have filled the request SPARK-954

This was recently fixed in SVN, so this will be in upcoming 2.6.0 version (dont ask when).

Yes if you disable history in spark the archive on Openfire still works.