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Docking of the main spark contact list window

Is there any way with the current development going on that a feature to allow spark to dock could be added in?

I run on dual monitors at work, and use spark constantly with our wildfire server, but, it would be nice to always have the spark list docked to a side and locked in place instead of having to open spark from the system tray because there are four or 5 windows in front of it.

This feature has also been requested by about 15 different users in my company and a couple are not running spark simply for that reason (I know, users blow )


Is this something that is even possible?



I’‘d like to add my support for this. Spark’‘s a great client but docking is so important in an IM app. Right now I’‘m using Miranda but I’'d love to switch if this was ever added.

I second this request.

I am the IT Manager for an international company of 100+ employees. I have been pushing for a complete switchover to spark for almost 2 years now. Unfortunately about 50% are sticking with Exodus just for the docking functionality. Please, if there is any way to get this feature, it would make my life some much simpler.

Best Regards,

I also fully support this idea and this should definitely be a new feature. This has been something that I have long since expected to be added in a future release of spark. At my company we have used spark for about 2 years now and I have to say I am a bit shocked that this feature has not been added in any of the new releases.

Can we hope for this feature to be added in 2.5.9?


Docking the spark window would really be a nice feature.

let me vote for this feature too.

And if Spark is in docking mode, hide the taskbar entry.