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Is there any recommended documentation that might help me understand Spark (and OpenFire to some extent) better from a user perspective. In particular, I am having some problems understanding chat groups, rosters, etc?

I have created groups but I never see them anywhere in the Spark Client. I can add groups in the Spark client and they appear in my contact list, but it lets me create any group with any name (seemingly irregardless of what groups have or have not been created on the server) and they seem to be just temporary … as soon as I log out they are gone. So far I have found absolutely no documentation that describes exactly how groups are used and what the rules of the game are and at least for me it is not obvious.

I should mention that I am using JDBC providers for both users and groups so the groups are coming from my database. But I do see these groups in the admin console so I think that is working right. And if I understand, the groups should function the same when provided from an external database as they do internally.

If there is no Spark docs per se, is there some more general XMPP documentation that might help? Are all XMPP clients similar in this regard? Or if someone just wants to explain things here, that would be ok, too.

Thanks in advance.

Bill Bailey

Senior Developer / DBA

Northland, A Church Distributed

Spark has online User Guide in newest version (check menus)

about groups, you should check Group Sharing settings, though i know nothing about JDBC and similar stuff, but with simple groups in Openfire DB you can set them to be shared, so upon loging in with user you will see (or not, depends on sharing settings) desired groups

Thanks for the reply. But I do not see this online users guide you refer to. There is an Online Help entry in the Help menu, but it just opens a browser and brings me to the forums when I select it. Am I missing something?

I verified that I have the latest version (2.5.2) and even select Check for Updates and it assures me that there are none.


It must be 2.5.3 Beta 1 when User Guide first appeared, probably.

I think it’‘s a new feature in 2.5.3 beta 1 so you’'ll need to download that

Thanks to all. I found the User’‘s Guide. We’‘ll see if it answers my questions, but if not, I’'ll post more specific questions later. Thanks again.