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Does Jive Messenger support file transfer?

Hi, people:

I’‘ve a same problem. I’'m too newbie to Psi, and native spanish speaker.

I have installed Psi on numerous machines on a WinXP Lan network, all machines are plugged to a switch and, i’‘ve a DSL modem, but I’‘ve not a firewall only any PC’'s with SP2.

I am disable to transfer file to another user on my local Network.

I can’'t send files between my computers? I must like servant jabber the Jive Messenger and client to Psi.

What i can do?

And Psi send me this error:


Unable to connect to peer for data transfer ensure that your Data Transfer settings are proper. If you are behind a NAT router or firewall then you’'ll need to open the proper TCP port or specify a Data Transfer Proxy in your account settings.

I’'ve 1 server, 6 pcs, all it in switch. 5 pcs have XP with SP2, 1 with win98SE and server win2000; and the jabber server is Jive Messenger, so?

Help, what you say me?



it seem is file transfer problem in NAT,current jivemessenger can’‘t support file transfer in NAT.i can’'t know Psi whether support file transfer in web server.Exodus can do it .you necessary add a independence webdav server to supply file transfer in nat.