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Does jive run on CentOS?


i´ve jive running on red hat but now the SO will be moved to CentOS, there should be no problem i think, but just want to be sure…


Hi jcorreia,

Yup, Messenger should run fine on CentOS. There was an url=http://jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=98782#98782problem[/url] with the startup scripts needing a bit of tweaking in the 2.1.x versions of Messenger but I’'m not sure if those tweaks are still needed.

Hope that helps,


I have been running it on centos 3.5 and now im running the latest jive messenger 2.2.1 on centos 4.1 and it runs just beautifully.

I highly recommend using 4.1 because it is more secure by default that the previous versions.