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Does not connect from one ip

Добрый день. Пытаюсь подключится к удалённому openfire-серверу. У меня белый ip. Сервер запрещает соединение. Пробую зайти через любой бесплатный прокси, или с другого места с другим ip - работает. Где посмотеть настройки?
Клиент: pidgin 2.13.0
Сервер: Openfire 4.2.3

Good day. I’m trying to connect to a remote openfire-server. I have a white ip. The server denies the connection. I try to log in through any free proxy, or from another place with another ip - it works. Where to look at the settings?
Client: pidgin 2.13.0
Server: Openfire 4.2.3

Admin Console > Server > Server Settings > Registration & Login > Restrict Login. Though it looks like some firewall issue most probably.

Understood. On the remote openfire server, ping was disabled on the router. After switching everything worked