Does Openfire provides full support to XEP-0045?

Hi folks!

Does Openfire provides full support to XEP-0045??? I was able to create a MUC and configure it… But that’s all. When I try for example to add a new member I don’t get any server response as follows:

<iq type=‘set’ id=‘auth_76cc87c0d08e2372a5c7bbebdcaf51b3’>

<query xmlns=‘jabber:iq:auth’>






<iq type=“result” id=“auth_76cc87c0d08e2372a5c7bbebdcaf51b3” to=“imadmin@d*******.com/1f378fe072e39f5dd0ab20eee3e7a5ea”/>

===>>> OK. Now that I’m authenticated I’m gonna try to add a new member to the room stubroom (imadmin is an admin of this room)

<iq type=‘set’ id=‘muc_fcdb8bc44e342c044af38f2ed9575f3b’ to=‘stubroom@conference.d*********.com’ from=‘imadmin@d********.com/1f378fe072e39f5dd0ab20eee3e7a5ea’>

    &lt;query xmlns=''>

<item affiliation=‘member’ jid=‘daniel@d*********.com’/>



And that’s all! I get no response from the server.

I followed the instructions provided by

Am I missing anything?

Thanks a lot!!!

Ok… Never mind! I need to send my presence to the room before trying to perform any action