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Does Openfire run properly on 64-bit Win 7?

Hi - today I upgraded the machine running Openfire to one running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Enterprise. I encountered two problems. First, it will not run as a service - when I execute the openfire-service.exe /install command from the command prompt, I get an error about the SMC Manager.

Second, when I then try to re-start the regular Openfire program, I get a VERY long error message in the application window indicating that the internal database was still in use, almost as if the program didn’t shut down properly before.

The error message is on the computer at work - I can paste part of it in here if it will be helpful. Bottom line, though - is Openfire going to run properly in a 64-bit environment, or should I find something else?


Openfire runs fine in a 64bit environment. As for windows 7 who knows. the error when trying to create the service may be due UAC. Try disabling that until the service is created.

Well, I turned off UAC and it worked. At this point I think I can report that yes, Openfire does run as a service on 64-bit Windows 7.