Does Openfire Service work on WIN 2003?

I have been trying to get Openfire running on a WIN 2003 Box for my department for the past several days. When I start Openfire using the GUI app, I am able to connect and things run perfectly. However, after I installed the windows service, made sure it was set to automatic and then rebooted my server I cannot connect to it either through a remote browser or using the Spark client. If I start up the GUI again, it connects no problems.

It has to be something to do with the service itself, as everything works properly when the GUI is running. There are no firewall issues etc. I have found other discussions related to this, but there is no solution attached to any of them. I have made sure my configurations match any of the recommendations as found in the following similar posts. I’m really at a loss, and would very much like to be able to us Openfire.

Has someone figured out the problem and a working solution?

Thank you!

Wow. I found the answer!!!

You must go into the windows firewall and add the openfire-service.exe (as a program) to your exceptions list, not just “Openfire Server”.

I added that, then uninstalled/re-installed and started the service. Then logged out of my win box. Everything connects and works properly after doing this.

Thanks to AJ Fivner: