Does openfire support stream management in v 3.10.2?


I see the openfire community add stream management feature to smack 4.1

however I read about stream management in XMPP protocol an I found that

“server must support enabling stream management”.

I search but cannot find any article abut stream management support in open fire

and in my last experience with openfire v3.9 stream management was not supported.

is this feature added to openfire v3.10 recently ?

Openfire doesn’t support it yet [OF-446] Implement XEP-0198: Stream Management - Jive Software Open Source

do you guide me to select a free and good an powerful server like openfire that support XEP-0198?

Sorry. I have no experience with other xmpp servers, especially not aware about xep support. You can check out ejabberd, prosody, tigase. Ask in their forums. I’ve heard those servers are advanced enough, but maybe don’t have such an easy administration panel as Openfire.

Support for XEP-0198 Stream Management has been added to Openfire and is available now in the latest pre-release builds. Note that the stream resumption capabilities are not yet supported, but the ack request/answer scenarios are fully implemented. The new WebSocket plugin also supports the XEP-0198 acking features when deployed using the latest nightly Openfire builds.

We expect the new stream management features will be included in the next incremental release of Openfire (3.11.x).

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you make my day… this news was very helpful and Pleasure.

is this version of openfire available on site for down load?

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Check the link “latest pre-release builds” in Tom’s message. It points to nightly builds download page. Nightly builds should include features described by Tom.

this was my foolish mistake …

thank you dear wroot