Does openfire support the Item Publisher (for Pubsub)?


Is there any way to find out who published an item to a pubsub feed? I definitely need that information as the implementation resembles a community bulletin board, but can’t figure out if the ability to configure this is hiding somewhere or if I can’t find it because this feature doesn’t exist.

Thanks! Item Publisher

If configured to do so, the service can include the publisher of the item when it generates event notifications.

Example 103. Service Notifies Subscribers

<message from='pubsub.shakespeare.lit' to='francisco@denmark.lit' id='foo'>
  <event xmlns='[]('>
    <items node='princely_musings'>
      <item id='ae890ac52d0df67ed7cfdf51b644e901'
        [ ... ENTRY ... ]

No, the spec does not require publishing the jid of the publisher. You can, of course, add any information you want within the body of the item (or potentially as part of the item id), but that has to be read/interpreted by the subscriber as custom information.