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Does Openfire support UDP connections from XMPP clients?

Does Openfire support UDP connections (instead of TCP) from clients? If yes, how can I connect from a client to the server. If no, is there a workaround? We definitely need UDP connection from a mobile chat client instead of a TCP connection because of the inherent “keep-alive” packets sent in case of TCP to maintain the connection thus eating up a lot of bandwidth and battery .

Is there any other XMPP server (freeware or commercial) that supports UDP client connections?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

I dont know of any XMPP server or client that support UDP connections. The XMPP standards dont allow for this, except for Jingle media packets, from what Ive read.

Thanks. Seems like we will have to drop our UDP idea and maybe try BOSH.



you could tunnel the TCP connection within UDP it you really care about the TCP keep alive packets. But I think that you’ll not save bandwidth, at least not so much that this makes sense to implement such a solution.

If you want to use BOSH - does your client and your server support compression in both directions? I’m sure that Openfire does not support compression for BOSH/HTTPS so the traffic may be larger there than using XMPP.