Does openfire supports gzip and deflate encoding?

I want to send the entire HTTP POST data while doing smack-bosh as compressed

as per the code time/jbosh/

line number 153 post.setHeader(ACCEPT_ENCODING, ACCEPT_ENCODING_VAL);

The entire POST data is encoded,

Will openfire accept such HTTP request?

Is there any plugin or settings in openfire does enable this option?

It seems only CompressedResponseWrapper is programmed

but we can also program CompressedRequestWrapper

that will complete the entire request+response compression/decompression

AFAIK Openfire does not support HTTP compression, because it never returns a

Content-Encoding: gzip

header in its responses.

Also, CompressedResponseWrapper is a class from Jetty, not Openfire, so it would be Jetty’s responsibility to provide a counter part CompressedRequestWrapper class.

As per the code /openfire/http/

Line number 551 the jetty GzipFilter is already being programmed inside our openfire code

which is giving response Content-Encoding: gzip if I pass that same from a java http client

Yes, as you told org.eclipse.jetty.servlets.GzipFilter is a class from Jetty and it seems there is no counter part

Ah interesting, seems like you have to explicitly enable it somehow as per this comment:

// Compression “disabled” by default; use “optional” to enable compression (restart required)

// When enabled, http response will be compressed if the http request includes an

// “Accept” header with a value of “gzip” and/or “deflate”