Does Smack latest version 4.1.1 supports XMPP server to Server support like to implement XMPP server via using SMACK API ,and does SMACK adhere the latest xmpp rfc 6120, 6020

Hi Admin,

could you please help in providing the below queries.

  1. Does SMACK latest version supports the XMPP latest RFC 6120.

  2. Actaully we are trying to implement XMPP server, which will act as a proxy between two actual xmpp servers, like CISCO or OPenfire etc, so we need XMPP Libarary that could handle Streams handshake , verify stream flows as per latest RFC and Presence and IM flows

Currently we are using JSO ( jabber stream object ) xmpp library to do it. Could SMACK provides the same.

  1. Does SMACK latest libarary is FIPS compliant ??

Requesting you please help us in providing information to above questions.

Please call me if you need more information regarding my requirement.


Ravish Aggarwal