Does smack supports jingle?


I downloaded smack-jingle.jar .But i am still in doubt does it smack supports jingle.

Can we make video call using Smack??

Please help me out



I was just looking into this myself. From what I understand, Jingle is supported through the smack-jingle.jar. Look in the package


for a tiny bit of sample code. Unfortunately, the last time I downloaded it (and maybe this is resolved now) there’s no javadoc you can download, no ant target to build it, and no solid documentation anywhere to tell you how to get started. That means if you want to do something besides vanilla XMPP voice, like transfer files, or video or something, you have a significant learning curve.

For that reason I think I’m not going to pursue this at the moment, but if you do, take a look at the docs for JingleManager and JingleMediaManager for starts.