Does SPARK support for adding ID yahoo messenger ,gtalk or msn?

@wroot gtalk application doesn’t longer support

@wroot do i set it through openfire? like the .png file that i attach

This screenshot shows transports page from Kraken IM gateway plugin for Openfire. It is not supported anymore, but you can still use it. If you enable transports in there (like gtalk, yahoo), then it should start showing according icons in the Spark. And then you should be able to login to those networks in Spark.


how can i get kraken plugin? i see no gateways on my openfire, my openfire version is 3.8.2

Go to Plugins section in Admin Console and check Available plugins.

@wroot no kraken on my plugins and available plugins

Please, do not put my nickname into every message, as i get two notifications in my email. One for new message and one about my name being mentioned.

Kraken’s min version probably has been bumped to 3.9.3 (it is showing for me on the Available plugins page). You can try installing it manually (1.2.0) version. If not, you can try 1.1.3. Should be similar to 1.2.0. Just remember to remove version number and leave just kraken.jar before uploading it.
kraken 1.2.0.jar (1584856 Bytes)
kraken 1.1.3.jar (1584836 Bytes)

sorry wroot, thanks you…i will try to upload. if i get problem, i will be looking for u

i already upload kraken ver 113 but when i launch open fire i got the error.

it means there is no kraken on openfire version 3.8.2

kraken only available on openfire version 3.9.3 ?

You first screenshot shows Kraken icons in Spark. So it should be working. Are you able to login to your Gtalk now? Kraken sometimes shows red errors in the launcher, but this is not a problem. At least it seems that it still works ok. I don’t remember what Openfire version has to be to use 1.1.3.

it works wroot this morning,when openfire launched i didn’t see the error again…

woot, do you have any plugins? for openfire…i think not all plugins we can install on openfire. sometimes, we don’t have plugins like kraken on my openfire version

I have some plugins saved since the 3.8.2 version. Not sure if all of them work though.
plugins (9805868 Bytes)