Does Spark support JEP-4 (Data Forms)?

{Also posted on SparkPlug Dev}


I may have gotten myself confused here but my Spark client (1.1.4) doesn’‘t respond correctly to a JEP-4 Data Form. I’'m using SMACK (a Form as a Message extension, sent via a Chat) on a remote client (form provider) - just as advised at taforms.html

It sends the Form OK and it is received by the receiving Spark client but only the Message body is displayed as a Chat, not a Form - the actual Form isn’'t displayed at all. The Spark client (Help/SMACK info) reports that org.jivesoftware.smackx.provider.DataFormProvider is installed.

So what’‘s happening?? I have no Spark Plug-ins installed and I can’‘t find any that look like they would provide Data Forms support. Should my Spark client be understanding the Form (but maybe I’'ve just not constructed/sent it right)? Or do I need to install a Plug-in? Does any such Plug-in exist???

Many thanks guys,