Does Spark support multiple concurrent accounts?

Does Spark 2.0.1 support multiple logged in accounts? I currently have three jabber accounts I like to be logged in to at once, but I only see how I can log into one at a time (like Jabber Messenger or Exodus), rather than multiple accounts at once (like gajim or psi). I use a Wildfire server at work, so it’'d be nice to use the Spark client, too, but having multiple clients running at once grates on me.

Thanks for the help.


I assume that you don’'t want to start Spark two times which you can do it you copy Spark.exe to Spark2.exe. As Spark supports transports one may be able to use an xmpp transport to log into other servers.


A pure XMPP transport is an interesting idea. I suppose it’‘d connect to a cm process on the remote server, rather than act in a federated style like s2s. I didn’'t look too hard at a spark2.exe, etc. since that can frequently cause other problems, too, like when the client binds to a local port for file transfer.

Have you run into an XMPP-XMPP transport?


I didn’‘t install as I don’'t need it so I have no idea how good it does work and how easy it is to install as it needs some perl xmpp libraries.


Seems like a long way to go around the barn, so to speak. I for one would enjoy the ability to connect simultanously to multiple XMPP accounts from the same instance of spark.

So let’‘s feed jadestorm with some peanuts, he’'s already willing to write a gateway.

So who is jadestorm, and how many peanuts will it take? We just purchased Wildfire Enterprise with 75 user licenses, so are peanut allotment for wildfire/spark is used up ATM.


Hi Erik,

did you miss the IM Gateway forum completely? is about a xmpp-transport.