Does the Broadcast plugin work in browser clients, e.g. when using the Smack API?

I couldn’t find any reference in the documentation if the Broadcast plugin only works in desktop clients, like Spark. Any information appreciated.

Not tried it, but took a look on the source code. It should work with everything that claims to be an Jabber/XMPP client. It does nothing more than listen on some special JabberIDs and forward messages to all related users.

Thanks for the info…that’s what I was thinking. I have to write an HTML interface/widget to send the Broadcast message using some Ajax. Before I go too far, I wanted to make sure this may be possible.

When writing an plugin that uses AJAX this could be helpful: GoogleWebToolkit example plugin

Looking at some older threads (search is broken right now it seems), you can add “users” that are broadcast users to contact lists/roster:

Here’s some other threads that can help: